More Goat Kids Born on the Farm!

Greta with Text
We’re so excited to introduce the new goat kids on the farm! About a week ago, Razzy had a smooth labor and delivery that resulted in Greta, a beautiful little red and white doe. Razzy, much to our delight, timed her delivery for after work hours, allowing Mark to witness his first goat birthing. We were able to sit back, relax and watch Razzy show us how a smooth delivery is supposed to work out (story and photos to follow). Now 6 days old, Greta is sassy, spunky and running the barn.

Zeus With Text

Bella, on the other hand, was not as stoic about the idea of motherhood and had us wringing our hands for 24 hours. After a long, arduous labor, she delivered two handsome little bucklings that we’ve named Zeus and Apollo. (Truth be told, we named Apollo Stella at first, then realized our error later in the day!) It’s fun to have the barnyard full of little ones jumping around again. We’ll be posting more photos in the coming days!

Apollo With Text

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