Goat Baby Photo Blast


Wow – these little ones are almost too cute to handle. They are all growing steadily, exploring the big world around them and climbing on everything they can get their little hooves on. Favorite mountains right now include their mother and our front porch. We couldn’t be more in love with these kiddos.

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Finally! The Goat Stork Has Arrived!

Lacy finally gave birth yesterday afternoon around 4 pm. Although I was sitting there next to her, reading a book, I literally had no idea she was in labor. She had been acting odd for days and even I was tired of hearing myself say, “Maybe NOW she’s in labor”! At some point, I glanced… 

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Still Waiting For Babies….Goat Babies

Well, we’re STILL waiting. Lacy, our 5 year old Nigerian Dwarf doe, had her due date come….and go last week. (These photos are of Bella, Lacy’s daughter, born 2 years ago. Could she be any cuter?) We could have sworn Lacy went into labor on Saturday afternoon. She suddenly became vocal, very affectionate to us,… 

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Lacy Big and Due

Video Of Our New Goat Kids…..Still In The Womb!

These kiddos seem just as anxious to get out into this world as we are to greet them!  I took this video yesterday morning and, as you can see, the kids are doing their best impersonation of the scorpion thing in the movie Alien.  We think there are at least three of them, so that’s a… 

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Pregnant Goat Countdown….Any Day Now

We are counting down the days when Lacy, our five year old Nigerian Dwarf, is due to pop out three (perhaps four judging by her size) little baby goats. We’ve been preparing the kidding pen and amassing the various medicinal goos, gels, and liquids that might come in handy should she have any difficulties.  She… 

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Swine Time

     We have problems here on the farm. And when it comes time to remedy those problems, our land ethic guides us in the direction of biological and low input mechanical solutions. You could call us hippies, Luddites or just old-timey curmudgeons, and you wouldn’t be too far off. So when spring rolled around… 

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The Definition of a Beekeeper

We are not yet beekeepers.  We are more like “bee putter in boxers.”  It was the “keeping” part that gave us trouble. Last week we purchased a package of bees, and with the utmost care and attention, sure that we were following all the sage advice that the internet and the library had to offer, we… 

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