Wylie’s Bio

Enjoying the view in the Puget Sound

My early life started in the mean streets of Butte, MT, where I spent the first five months of my life jumping on people and devouring the siding off of the trailer home that I lived in…Mmmmm siiiding.

One of my favorite pastimes....retrieving bull kelp! (It's hard to do in Montana though...)

Fishing with my Dad in Montana. They promise that the fish will be a lot bigger on the sailboat. I can't wait!

After my fifth month birthday, my first dad threatened to send me to a nice home out in the country, which sounded pretty good to me, but for some reason my grandpa interceded and instead sent me to a nice lady named Barbara who worked for the Golden Retriever Rescue shelter.

One of my favorite past times in Montana - duck hunting!

Canoeing on the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, Texas

It was there that I met my new parents, Katie and Mark, who are kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules and shuttle me all over the country to search out different species of squirrels to chase.

A quick pause while I was running amuck somewhere in Montana

After a long, long hike with my parents in the desert of Death Valley, California.

Sometimes we canoe the river and look for squirrels, and sometimes we shoot ducks and dad makes me retrieve them, I think in order to train me for the spring squirrel season.  I’m pretty excited to move to my new home on the beach, I’ve been promised there are lots of dead fish and crabs to roll in.

I can't believe they put this photo up. How embarrasing.