The Budget

Question number 1 on our minds.  How can we afford to do this?

This is a compilation of the research we’ve pulled together over the past few years.  This area has extensive variation from person to person, dependent on needs, wants and lifestyle.  We typically live pretty meagerly, so keep that in mind with our budgeting guidelines!

We currently spend about $3200 per month for our living expenses in Montana.  After extensive estimations of costs, we are anticipating that we are going to spend around $2000 per month while living aboard at a marina in Mexico with major costs being boat payment, mooring fees, boat insurance, health insurance, food and boat maintenance expenses.  We anticipate spending $1300 per month as we cruise the Sea of Cortez after hurricane season.  These figures do not include our previous bills.  Stay tuned to see how accurate these guesses are once we get started.