Selkie’s Current Restoration – Old

“A Boat is but a hole in the water in which to throw your money”
– every sailor that’s ever lived


Okay, it’s time to get down to brass tacks.  All romanticizing aside, Selkie is a 50 year old sailboat, and so will require some maintenance to get her up to snuff before we set sail.  Here’s a list of the anticipated projects and our best guesses at the time and money said projects will require to complete.  We’ll revisit these figures in August and see just how much we underestimated…

Projects We’ll Attempt Ourselves
Replace Whisker Stays (2) $200 5
Replace Chainplates (8) $600 10
Sand, Fair and Paint Cracks in Stem $100 10
Replace Propane Lines $50 4
Bottom Paint $380 12
Replace Zincs $50 2
Rebed Stem Fitting $10 2
Rebed all deck hardware $50 8
Brightwork $50 10
Composting Head (Airhead) $970 8
Nicro Solar Vent Fan (For head vent) $100 2
Sand and Paint Mast (touchup) $20 3
$2580 76
Gear We’ll Need To Purchase
Yeti 65 qt Cooler (no icebox on the boat) $360
Secondary Anchor (44 lb Claw) and Rode $410
Tertiary Anchor (20 lb Hi Test Danforth) and Rode $330
Stanchion Mounted BBQ Grill $100
GPS Unit $300
SSB Reciever (optional) $300
Any must have items we’re missing?  Leave us a comment!