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Here’s our attempt at a compilation of everything Triton related to be found on the web. One of the beauties of owning a production boat with a long production run is the vast quantity of information that abounds.


Pearson Triton Reviews

Bluewater Boats Review:  This is a great resource for boat reviews and has an extensive history of the Tritons.

Soundings Online Review:  Published in November of 2010, this article has great interviews with Triton owners.

Sailnet Review:  This page is entirely reviews from Triton owners.  It looks like they have a 100% recommended rate and an average rating of 10/10.  Unbiased, we’re sure!

Good Old Boat’s article on Ariadne





Forum Threads We’ve Found:

Sailnet Forum Thread:  This thread discusses some of the merits and weaknesses of the Pearson Triton.

Wooden Boat Thread:  Even though the Triton is a fiberglass boat, the Wooden Boat gurus wrote a fairly extensive forum thread on the pros and cons of the Triton.

Pearson Triton Cruiser Blogs:


Atom Voyages:  No website discussing the Pearson Triton would be complete without this link.  James and Mei have completed not one, but TWO, circumnavigations with their Pearson Triton, Atom!

Glissando #381:  This is a blog following a 21 month restoration of a 1963 Pearson Sloop.

Jenny #680:  Britton Cooke’s restoration blog with a ton of great projects and photos.

Jenny #680: Tim Lackey’s famous yacht restoration site detailing his part in Jenny’s rebuild.

Jordan’s Name:  An inspiring blog of a fellow and his dog on his Pearson Triton Selene who happens to also be paraplegic.  He was dismasted off the coast of California last fall and is in the process of re-rigging the boat.

Pylasteki #101: Zach’s blog about refitting a 1961 Triton.

Dasein #668: Tons of projects documented in an extensive refit of a Triton.

Crazy horse #71: A three year refit of a 1960 Triton.

This Old Sailboat: Dana Berube’s site detailing his refit of a 1960 Triton.

Pajaro #399: Fernando de Oleza’s rebuild of a 1963 Triton.

Ariadne: History, Resoration, Links and more.

Nevermind #450: Restoration, photos and links.

Kaholee #158: (This link takes you to Tikvah #59, from there click on “Links” to get to Kaholee).  Restoration process done by Tim Lackey again.

Tikvah #59: Restoration of one of the early yawls.

Sarah Belle: A few photos and a few links

Rascal II # 150: A real good article on Triton rigging and rig tuning from Ralph Beauregard.

Ca Ira #236: Kristin White’s blog showcasing a mix of Triton sailing and maintenance and her beautiful artwork.


Additional Resources:

Plastic Classic Forum : A forum on fiberglass boats with a dedicated Triton section.  Created by Triton expert Tim Lackey and perhaps the most extensive compilation of Triton information on the web. Invaluable.

Maintenance, Improvements & Restorations (MIR): A great list of projects and articles from the National Triton Association site.

Pearson Triton Overview:  This page has a great overview of the Tritons as well as additional links and history.

New England Triton Association:  The Association provides a lot of great information including wiring diagrams, reviews, the original brochure and additional links.

Triton Owners Yahoo Group: Over 600 members strong.

National Triton Association: This group was established in 1966 by the Triton Association of Long Island Sound and has a lot of information on sail trim, maintenance and improvements.

Pearson Triton Facebook Page: Classic Plastic enters the 21st century.

Reocities site: Info on the history and specifications of the Triton.

Lackey Sailing: Another link to Tim Lackey’s homepage.  Restorations of lots of different boats, but he’s got a soft spot in his heart for Tritons.

1964 Pearson Triton Brochure page 1    page 2 

Westerbeke (Bukh) Pilot 10 Brochure

Bukh DV 10ME Technical Specs

Bukh DV10/20 Workshop Manual


Video Of Tritons on the Water:    A 4-part series of Atom’s second circumnavigation in 1987.

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