Noaa Missoula– Everything you could ever want to know about the weather, at least in the U.S. geographical boundaries.
San Carlos, MX Weather– Good hourly forecast information for San Carlos, our starting point midway up the Sea of Cortez
NOAA Satellite – Real time satellite imagery and weather maps
Jet Stream Map – Current map of the location of the jet stream over North America
Ocean Weather – Real time wind, wave, and ocean temperature data for anywhere in the world
Buoy Center – Site specific Information on wind, waves, ocean temperature, air pressure etc



Cruisers Forum – Thousands of informed and opinionated sailors ready to answer any question you might have on any topic
Sailnet – Same as Cruisers Forum, but with an online store
Cruising Anarchy – Lots of well informed folks to help you out





Boat Buying Articles

Yacht– A great collection of articles covering numerous boat buying issues
Adrift at Sea – A great article on performing your own pre-survey inspection.  Tons of other great info as well on other various topics.






Boats in General

Seaworthiness – A great article in checklist form that talks in detail about some of the main systems on a sailboat and what to look for in a “seaworthy sailboat”
Rigging – A good article on surveying and maintenance of rigging components
Cruisers Resources – An incredible database that links to articles, owner’s groups, reviews, and beyond.
Seaworthiness – Don Casey gives a great description of how we define the term “seaworthy”
Don Casey’s Brain – A smattering of Don Casey articles on all sorts of boat issues.  A treasure trove of nautical gray matter!

Yacht Design

Good Old Boat – Ted Brewer describes yacht aesthetics and how they relate to design and performance
Sailboat Data – A huge compilation of information on boat designs and the first place we look when come across a new boat
Stability – Ted Brewer describes the physics and design factors that affect stability in a sailboat
Boat Identification Via Logos – Ever walk down the dock and see a boat you can’t identify?  Here’s a pretty good compilation of Yacht logos.



Chart #1 – A 100 page document that is basically the legend for all other nautical charts.
Celestial Navigation – A good primer on the history, theory and practice of celestial navigation
Nautical Almanac 2011 – Get yourself a hard copy too if you’re heading out on a boat, but this is a good (free) version to start with.




Baja Flyfish – Article on tackle and species, as well as a fishing report that’s not updated very often.
Baja Big Fish – Great Fishing reports and general baja fishing info.


Galley Swap – Tons of recipes, tips and gadgets from well seasoned cruisers
Honest Food – A great account of knowing your food and fully experiencing your meals.  Some of the best recipes I’ve ever come across. Hank Shaw is definitely one of my heroes.





A Young Man’s Road – The photography of Garret Smith. The photos are incredible.  The adventures are incredible.  This guy lives the dream.
Windtraveler – Brittany & Scott explore the world on a sailboat
Sarana – Eric & Sherrell cruise around in a lot of the same places we want to go
Bumfuzzle – Pat & Ali. Terrific photography, and two little kiddos along for the ride
Pacific Sailors – Verena & Mike, who we hope to share an anchorage with in the Sea of Cortez someday
S/V GypsyMoon – We could see ourselves on that boat, under that sunset
Yacht Design According to Perry – There seems to be a lot to learn from this Perry fellow
Sailing Simplicity – Theresa Carey shares our quest for simplicity




Maritas Casitas – Our friends have this affordable vacation rental on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula, in Todos Santos.  In all transparency, we haven’t visited, but we have other friends that have and report back that the fishing, surfing, sea kayaking, etc were to die for!


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