1.  Purge unnecessary goods:    We found that like most good Americans, we’ve accumulated mountains of crap that we don’t need.  Now we must rid ourselves.

2. Find a nice home in the country for our cat:  Does anybody want a loud (I mean social), large (er, easy keeper), relaxed (lazy) cat?   We’ll pay you.  Seriously.

3. Plan a wedding:  We’ll be getting married in Montana June 9th and then promptly renewing our vows in Texas two weeks later, all while moving across the country.  Should be pretty stress free.

4. Purchase necessary goods: We’ll have to round up all the gear we’ll need for a year on a sailboat.

5.  Study up on seafaring topics: We’ll need to get a little saltier before we take off. Here’s a list of our daily study topics.


First Aid


Diesel Mechanics

Sail Sewing

Marine Electronics