Fins & The Feathers That Fool Them

In the mountain streams of Montana, fishing was a recreational pastime, a catch and release hobby that rarely provided a meal. Here in the Sea, fishing will lean a little more towards bloodthirst. When we fish, we will fish so that we may eat. It will be enjoyable, no doubt, but we will treat the fish that we catch and kill with the utmost respect. Our fisheries are a finite resource, and we will do everything we can to harvest responsibly and wisely.

Our methods of capture will vary.  We carry aboard Selkie 8 wt, 10 wt and 12 wt fly rods, a trolling rod, a baitcaster, a handline, a Hawaiian sling and a speargun.

We will also be tying our own flies, attempting to match the prey species with feathers and fur.  We’ll provide fly tying recipes and report on what works and what doesn’t.

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