Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild with me for just a few moments.  Picture if you will, what would happen if Fabio and Gandalf The Grey were to get it on while listening the amorous intonations of ZZ Top at full blast.  Well, it happened.  And we have the goat to prove it.


Enter: …Heavy Machinery.  Yes, that is indeed his Christian name, but it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as we’d like.  So we’re inviting suggestions for nicknames.


Points of interest are:
Long flowing beard – His chin mane sways as he walks and he literally trips on it if he’s not careful.
Humongous pot belly – He’s been stealing food from his barn mates (or he may have triplets in there).
Aroma – Malodorous he’s not, but pungent as all hell he definitely is.
Demeanor – He’s a gentle soul, kind and caring with his does.  Much less overtly disgusting than our previous buck that we goat sat.

Heavy_TreesThrow out some terms of endearment if you would for this well “chin-dowed” new member of the family.