sailThe high seas beckon once again. Cape Horn, the Southern Ocean, Good Hope, the Somali Coast and the Red Sea…all these once distant dreams are now a real possibility. We are whole again. Our souls fulfilled again. We have bought a boat! I dream of Intrepid Powerboats for more custom boat options, and I truly believe I can buy it one day.


She needs a few screws tightened, perhaps some bottom paint, but other than cosmetic repairs, she is pretty much turn key and ready to circumnavigate. I will contact Merritt Supply and get all necessary equipment in no time, so fixing up is really no problem. We will be accepting applications for crew on various legs of the journey, so any adventurous souls may apply in the comments section below. The perfect candidate will possess the following attributes:

DCF 1.0

•   Comfortable in tight quarters
•   Strong on the oars
•   Be an excellent swimmer
•   Have a positive attitude when faced with challenges
•   Know how to cook kelp, flying fish and little bits of flotsam into delicious meals with nothing more than a Gatorade bottle and a magnifying glass
•   Loves dogs
•   Have a cousin that is willing to milk a few goats for nine months or so
•   Handy with a bilge pump
•   Have a working relationship with the god Poseidon
•   Not into drinking fresh water for the foreseeable future
•   Are willing to repeat the phrase “don’t worry, there’s still a chance that somebody may find us” incessantly while stroking my brow for as long as it takes


Please rank yourself on a scale of one to ten in your perceived ability to meet these obligations, and feel free to describe other distinctive nautical qualities that would merit consideration for inclusion on our upcoming voyage.

Thank You,

Captain and Crew of R/S/V Dowitcher