Jack_TextLacy finally gave birth yesterday afternoon around 4 pm. Although I was sitting there next to her, reading a book, I literally had no idea she was in labor. She had been acting odd for days and even I was tired of hearing myself say, “Maybe NOW she’s in labor”! At some point, I glanced over and there was baby number one, Jack (yep, spitting image of his pops!) emerging. Of course, after being prepared for over a week, I was completely unprepared at that particular moment. Typical! I had 10 seconds between births to call Mark with the news before saying, “Here comes the next one, gotta go!”.

We are the proud, beaming parents of three little goat kids: Jack, Leroy and Vida. Jack is a little mover, shaker and looker – just like his papa. His brother Leroy is a bit more reserved, but handsome as they come. These boys both have stunning blue eyes and are sure to woo the ladies! Their little sister, Vida, is just as sassy as her brothers and full of energy!

Vida with Text
Lacy did absolutely perfectly. Being a seasoned mama, she had no problems and needed no help whatsoever. All three kids were wobbling to their feet within 30 seconds. It was spectacular. I’m humbled and honored to have seen the miracle of life before my eyes. I had ever intention of getting some video….but I was too caught up in the moment. And looking back, I’m so glad I was.

PS – we are retaining little Vida for the farm, but will be selling Jack and Leroy in about two months. Give us a shout if anyone is interested in adding these handsome fellows to their breeding stock – or as pets.