Bella_BabyWell, we’re STILL waiting. Lacy, our 5 year old Nigerian Dwarf doe, had her due date come….and go last week. (These photos are of Bella, Lacy’s daughter, born 2 years ago. Could she be any cuter?) We could have sworn Lacy went into labor on Saturday afternoon. She suddenly became vocal, very affectionate to us, and was very restless and uncomfortable. This sent us into a flurry of excitement. A few hours later she returned to normal. Perhaps just some indigestion, a sudden bout of gas, perhaps just testing our readiness? We’ll never know.

So we’re back to waiting. And waiting. After another phone call to her previous owners, they mentioned that there was a slight possibility of a later breeding with the buck, Jack, a week after the date she was initially thought to be bred. So, perhaps Jack’s initial courting was not successful? Perhaps her due date is actually this week? Rest assured she is indeed pregnant, as was confirmed by a blood test months ago and by this video last week (unless we have a new strain of goat alien invaders in our herd). As far as meeting these new goat babies, we’ll just have to be patient.