These kiddos seem just as anxious to get out into this world as we are to greet them!  I took this video yesterday morning and, as you can see, the kids are doing their best impersonation of the scorpion thing in the movie Alien.  We think there are at least three of them, so that’s a LOT of hooves kicking around! Poor Lacy.

She is now 146 days into her pregnancy.  In the goat world, normal gestation periods are 145 to 150 days, and does with multiple kids usually give birth on the early end of that time frame. So, she’s certainly due and we’re watching her like a hawk!

Lacy Big and Due

Any goat owners out there have any words of wisdom for us? Last minute thoughts before we cross the threshold into goat midwifery?

My mother calls daily for the update on her “grandkids”, so for her, and anyone else dying for minute by minute news feeds, we’ll be posting new developments to our Facebook page

Next Blog Post: Baby Photos!

*If for some reason the video isn’t displaying correctly, try clicking here.