We are counting down the days when Lacy, our five year old Nigerian Dwarf, is due to pop out three (perhaps four judging by her size) little baby goats. We’ve been preparing the kidding pen and amassing the various medicinal goos, gels, and liquids that might come in handy should she have any difficulties.  She is an experienced mama, having given birth to three litters in her life, so we’re expecting her to do all the work while we sit back, take notes and marvel at the miracle of life.

Lacy2We feel like we’re going to learn more about biology in one day than we did in decades of classroom study. It’s an event that not many people get to experience and we’re thrilled  to participate in our first delivery.  Although the majority of goat births need no assistance, it’s prudent to be there for the event…just in case.  That’s not to say we’re necessarily excited to stick our arms elbow deep in a goat, but that is a possibility when caring for the herd and we are as prepared as we can be.


Her official due date is this coming Thursday, June 26th, but she could realistically go into labor at any point now.  We are giddy with excitement and Katie rarely lets Lacy out of her sight.  The poor, rotund gal is certainly counting down the days as well, as she grows larger – and more uncomfortable – with each passing hour.  We’ll be sure to document the birth in all it’s glory when the time has come.