The sailing adventure is over.  The carefree days of cruising the seas, snorkeling the reefs and wandering the desert are over.  That wistful sojourn of two young newlyweds that spawned this blog, this story of our exploits, has come to its eventual end.

And yet we still write.  And we’re trying to figure out why.  We’re also trying to figure out why you’re still here reading.  We are no longer “voyagers,” embellishing our small feats in distant lands and basking in the glow of sweet hyperbole.

??????????????????????This has become our journal as we course through this world.  For a year we gave you poor advice on sailing and regaled you with our mistakes on the high seas, and now we’re ready to give you poor advice on farming and highlight our mistakes in food production.

And I guarantee that we’ll entertain you with endless trials and tribulations as we embark on our journey of creating life from this plot of land.  The setting of our story has transitioned, from Montana to Mexico, then Alaska to Washington, but themes persist, and upon inspection, these themes tell much about Katie and me.


We value bringing old, good things back to life.  We restored a 50 year old boat to sail again; we helped breathe life back into her sails.

We are now restoring a 1940 farmhouse and 40 acres of land.  The next chapter in our story will be exposing the beauty of the house, and harnessing the fertility of the land, gardens, forest and orchards with the assistance of our goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, bees and more.IMG_6561

We also value living close to the land.  In Mexico, we learned the stars, lived by the tides, studied the plants and birds, and ate from the wild.

This next chapter will also focus on the ecology of the wild 35 acres of woodland and the pastured five acres of the farm, and the gray area where the two reach into each other.

Without further ado, the farm blog begins.  We hope you’ll enjoy the new look…


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