A quick biology refresher for everyone:

We want milk from our goats;
To get milk, we must get our does pregnant;
To get our does pregnant, we must bring in a buck…

Enter Jack.  Or Jack Attack.  Or Jacomo Fina Nay.  He goes by many names.  But he has only one mission in life.  To urinate all over himself, chase the does around the barn at high speeds, grunt and wheeze sweet nothings into their ears, curl his lips back in pheremonic ecstasy, and sow his wild goat oats.

??????????????????????And a fine specimen Jack is.  He is mellow, he’s handsome, his bravery is unparalleled, he’s a great cook and he knows how to fix cars. It’s just that he smells like a freaking goat and he drinks his own urine.
So, we’ll be sad to see him go in a few weeks, but I think we’ll be pleased with the little ones that he leaves behind.  With three pregnant does, we’ll expect between four and seven little baby Nigerian Dwarf goats this summer.


Hopefully he passes on his beautiful blue eyes, his charm and his wit, and hopefully he takes his wafting cloud of malodorous goat funk with him.

p.s. if you found this article through the keyword search: “stud service” and “drinks his own urine”, shame on you!