We didn’t want to rush in, so we waited almost a month.  And we wanted to start small, this being our first foray into mammalian livestock, so we bought Nigerian Dwarf goats (they actually prefer “Nigerian Little People Goats)”.  We got a book on raising dairy goats, and we even read most of it.  We’re one week into it, and things seem to be going great.  Although admittedly, we don’t know what the hell we’re doing, so who knows, we could be teetering on the precipice of catastrophe and we don’t even know it.

??????????????????????Lacey, Bella and Razzy (Razzle Dazzle, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) have settled right in.  They’re eating blackberries as fast as we can cut them.  They’ve learned to head butt Wylie when he sniffs a little too close, and they seem to have accepted us as their new herd. They love their ration of grain, and the occasional peanut treat, but they seem to love our attention and affection as much as anything.  Wylie still quivers in excitement from outside the fence as he peers longingly through the chain link, and he definitely seems to have a protective instinct when the neighbor dog wanders over.   The bonds are growing strong, in all directions.

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