Wow, we’ve transformed our new place into a bustling, productive mini-farm in three short weeks.  And what a crazy three weeks it has been!  Less than 48 hours after closing we brought in 7 ducks, quacking and cooing into our lives.  A week later, 7 laying hens, then a few days ago, three doe goats.  We are now collecting between 8 and 10 eggs a day.  What a beautiful bounty!

From my office window, I have a live feed of Farm TV that is now our life.  The bay style makes our place very cosy. The ducks move about their pasture, quacking and swimming about in their little pond.  The chickens free range about the property and nary a moving insect is safe from their scratching feet and probing beaks.  The goats are content to chow on the blackberries and take turns jumping atop the large cedar stumps in their pasture.


At night we’ve been hearing the yip of coyotes, the hooting of owls and most recently, the almost deafening drone of frog croaks and ribbits.  We are teeming with life and activity here on the homestead.  And even though we’re busy as we can possibly be, we make time for an evening beer in the goat pasture to watch the sunset each night.  Life is good.  Really good.  And although we still have a looong ways to go to get our homestead in fully functioning order, it’s certainly feeling like home.