We apologize for the lack of writing.  What can we say, we’ve been BUSY!  Our wonderful and amazing farmhouse and 40 acres was an estate sale.  For that reason, it had a few decades worth of legacy in the form of books, tools, trinkets, yard implements and, well, trash.  Lots of trash.  On the good side, amidst the chaos, we’ve come across an assortment of relics from another age.  Relics that speak to the history, to the people who homesteaded this land and to the roots of our new home. We’re excited to clean and shine and display these artifacts of the history of this place.

??????????????????????The home and the land need a lot of work, though. This week has been a flurry of sorting, cleaning and hauling load after load to Goodwill, the dump and the recycling center. We’ve finally moved most of our stuff out of the boxes and onto the shelves, and it’s exciting to reunite with some of our own treasures that we haven’t seen in two years.

The evening hours bring the yipping of coyotes and the calling of owls, sounds of the country that make it all worthwhile. Sounds that we were searching for. We’ve found our home.