We close on our new home tomorrow, and let me tell you how confident we are that the deal’s going to go down…We’ve paid in full for seven ducks and put a deposit down on three goats.  And not from the butcher shop.

Kathleen, our current landlord, would be the most shocked of the bunch.  Imagine her surprise if she returned home to find Katie and myself in her bed, Wylie on the couch, and the barnyard bursting at the seams.

Perhaps we jumped the gun.  Obviously we were impatient.  But we just couldn’t resist.  We’ve been fixated on these things, these animals and plants that make up the farm for way too long and we wanted to hit the ground running.

the girls

Spring is pretty much upon us, and moreover, life is short, and we don’t want to miss a single moment of it.  Y’all might have thought we were just daydreaming about this whole homestead thing…you should know by now what happens when we get a crazy idea in our heads.