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In sailing terminology “Ready About” is the command given before the skipper turns and tacks the sailboat.  In the coming week, Mark and I are doing exactly that.  We’re preparing to turn this boat towards land, and towards a new home.

We’re currently hauling in the mainsheet and preparing to drive the ship to the outskirts of Bellingham and up the Mount Baker Highway. We’ll be steering her close into the wind, and preparing for our closing just six days away.  When the day approaches, we’ll send the tiller “hard alee”, tacking this ship up Kelly Road, right to our own 40 acre plot of land that we will soon call home.


We’ll also be coming about with our blog as well.  As most of you know, we started this blog as we prepared to sail the Sea of Cortez.  We then chronicled our summer working as guides in Alaska.  We are now starting a new chapter, focused on our efforts of living closer to the land and our food…a modern day homesteading adventure.  We’re trading hammerhead sharks for Nigerian Dwarf goats, and mahi mahi for heirloom tomatoes.  Rest assured, though, there is bound to be a return to the sea, in one form or fashion.

We’re hoping this final week before closing is snag free and that we stay out of irons, but we’re feeling good.   This ship couldn’t be more ready.  The lines are taut, the crew positioned and ready (especially Wylie) and since our ballast is minimal and our momentum strong, the tack should be clean and crisp.  We’ll report back on the wind conditions shortly.