We’re settling into our new environs quite nicely here in western Washington.  It’s been a mild winter as far as the Pacific Northwest goes, much drier than usual for this area and much warmer than we’re used to in Montana.  We still do a double take when we see green grass in January.

I’ve started a new job doing boat carpentry for a local company in Bellingham, and Katie’s diving in headfirst with her mapping and GIS business: BlueWaterGIS.com.


We love the mountains, the ocean, the small scale agriculture, and the people, and we’re pretty sure we’re going to be happy here in the long term.  So, similar to our boat search two years ago, we are now completely engrossed in a full time house hunting frenzy.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours and burned hundreds of gallons of gas exploring the back roads of the rural areas surrounding Bellingham searching for the perfect property.  We’re looking for a few acres where we can stretch our arms a bit and have a little distance between us and our neighbors.


We want to have chickens and ducks again, and maybe a few goats some day.  We want fruit trees and bees, and maybe some woodland.  And we want a solid house that still needs some fixing, so that we don’t grow bored with all our spare time that’s left over after tending the farm.

We’ve walked around 50 or more homes, and we’ve walked inside dozens more, and we feel like we’re starting to narrow down our search and hone in on what might be a good value.  We’ve got our eyes on one in particular right now, and we may be close to putting in an offer.  Read: we’re in that week of sheer panic when we’re absolutely certain that someone else is going to get an offer in ahead of us and steal it away.  We’ll let you know how it turns out.