We parked on the side of the house so they couldn’t see us approach.  We tiptoed through the yard to avoid detection.  As we reached the house, Katie saw her opportunity in the open sliding glass door, and so she began scaling the wall to reach the second story deck.

“What the hell are you doing” I said, grabbing her arm “somebody’s going to call the cops.”  We weren’t trying to rob the place.  We were just trying to surprise Wylie and see him up close and in person for that first moment after being apart for nearly six months.

8-20-2012 157 (500x351)So we tiptoed through the open gate, glancing through windows while holding back our temptation to burst into the house.  After a few minutes of searching, and with no barking dogs to be found, a moment of panic set in: did the month long buildup of excitement culminate here, with a lost dog on the loose in the wilds of Austin?  If he’d been alone out there for long, we’d probably find him wearing a pair of tight jeans, a curly mustache and an $80 mullet dripping with irony.

The FamilyWe rushed towards the woods that adjoin my parents’ house to find our lost companion, and sure enough, there he was with my step mom on their afternoon walk.

“”Wylie, come here boy!” we shouted in unison.  He heard us and saw us and he came sprinting.  He jumped all over, nipped our chins in excitement, and pretty much freaked out for about 30 seconds.  After that, he sauntered back towards the house, just like nothing had happened.  We’re not sure what went on in that little dog brain of his while we were gone, but it does seem that he has accepted us back into his pack.