BhamThree years ago, on the highway between Bellingham and Missoula, we made a significant decision that would steer the course of our lives.  That morning, we set a date to quit our jobs and make the dream of sailing away a reality.  Three weeks ago, we were driving down that same highway, and yet again, we made a major life decision.

At the end of November we will pack up the cars and drive west to make a new home near the ocean in the great state of Washington.
We’ve always been drawn to the Bellingham area, a beautiful mix of hippies, sailors, farmers, craftsmen and other like minded souls that always make us feel at home.


We’re actually hoping to make our home on the outskirts of town, shifting toward a more rural lifestyle with a small bit of acreage on which we can tend a garden, plant an orchard, raise a flock of chickens and ducks, and perhaps even raise a goat or two.

Have no fear ye sailing blog enthusiasts, this agrarian dream will be balanced by our ever present love of the salt.  We’ll be a short drive from the ocean, and it looks like Katie will still be working in the boating industry.

whatcom-farm-country-82928We may not be long term cruisers anymore, but we’re going to try and take what we learned on that journey and apply those skills and concepts to simple, sustainable living and a constant exploration of life and land.

Oh and there will be some boat shopping too.  We’re going to need a canoe, some sea kayaks, and probably a little sailing dinghy as well…at least for starters.