OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the summers of Alaska are so fast and fleeting, Mark and I find ourselves doing what the plants and animals do, striving to soak up every available sun-soaked moment.  At the same time, we also find ourselves thinking of the upcoming changing season and the implications this will bring.  On the heels of the winged and finned creatures we’ve been admiring here, we too will migrate south come fall.  How far south and how many rest stops en-route are still yet to be determined.

Wylie_OceanWe know we will spend a few months in northwestern Montana starting mid-September to enjoy the proximity of our friends and family in Missoula.  We fully intend to enjoy the bounties of a fall in Montana that will certainly include fishing, hunting and floating.  Perhaps there will be a few evenings at the brewery as well, listening to friends’ tales of summer and dishing out a few from our own adventures.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll be reunited with our furry little son.  Although he’s had an amazing time at summer camp with the grandparents (we can’t thank you enough Mike and Judi!), we’re hoping he hasn’t forgotten about his folks completely.

Our house in Missoula is rented out for the foreseeable future, so when the white stuff starts to fly, we may find ourselves following the birds even further south.  Perhaps we will find that perfect winter seasonal position: biological science tech team or perhaps Baja seaside home caretaker, dog encouraged.  Stranger things have happened….