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I flew in on a helicopter.  Katie hiked in through a lush Sitka Spruce rainforest.  We both ended up at beautiful little streams that were packed to the brim with salmon, a sight that everyone should see at least once in their life.

At each bend in the river, and every run and pool deeper than a foot, hundreds if not thousands of salmon were stacked up waiting to continue their journey upstream.  It harkened back to the proverbial barrel, and shooting the proverbial fish therein. From our self-imposed creel survey, the stock consisted of mostly Pink (also known as Humpback) Salmon, with a few Red Salmon and Dolly Vardens in the mix as well.

After our first crack at being Alaskan fly fishing guides, here’s a quick rundown on how we fared:


Salmon Caught: 60-80

Guests Who Caught Their First Fish On Fly Tackle: 1 (And it was a 12 pound Salmon!)

Minutes Spent Carrying Around A Stranger’s Handgun: 60

Shrieks of Joy: 32

Bear Maulings: 0