We’ve been a little behind on our writing as of late, so we wanted to catch you up on our first two weeks of work here at Tutka Bay Lodge

Yesterday I flew in a helicopter, landed on a glacier, had a sandwich while sitting on some 10,000 year old ice, and then watched from above as a black bear chased a couple of mountain goats down a cliff face from 3000 feet in the air.  Later that day we watched a mountain goat rear up on its hind legs and try to head butt a passing bald eagle.  That was an extraordinary day.

The typical drudgery of work consists of mornings spent sea kayaking through Tutka Bay dodging sea otters, while afternoons are spent hiking through the old growth coastal rainforest in our backyard.  We usually cap off the evening with Katie captaining a sunset boat tour to the islands or up into the recesses of the fjords, hoping to catch a glimpse of an orca or a humpback.


Luckily, to make up for such workplace tedium, we have a team of five star chefs that go out of their way to keep us well fed and healthy and happy.  And happy we are.  We have an amazing crew working alongside us and every single guest that has walked through the door has been a pleasure.  I know, I know, this is starting to sound like a commercial.  It’s too perfect.  That’s how we feel too.