As you know, Wylie opted out of our upcoming Alaskan adventure in order to spend more time with his grandparents.  As we said our goodbyes in Austin, Wylie told us he wanted to come after all, grizzly bears be damned.  But the wheels were already in motion.  We cried like little babies as we drove away from our boy, our constant traveling companion who’d been within arms reach 24 hours a day for the last year.

It was hell to say goodbye for four and half months, but we’d all seen the preview of Wylie’s summer camp the week prior. Long walks in the woods, a healthy squirrel population, two other dogs that have readily accepted him into the pack and most importantly, doting grandparents that will fatten him with gristle from the table and share with him their feather bed.  We are actually a little worried that he won’t want to come home at the end of the season.

Amid all the teary goodbyes and the ensuing days of longing, an idea was hatched in that wee little dog brain of his.  It appears that Wylie was paying rapt attention during those rolling evenings at anchor; we thought he was staring dreamily into the sunset as we wrote our tales of adventure, but I think he was in fact taking notes on how to manage a blog of his own.  The proof is right

We miss him so badly already, but to get to hear his exploits of a journey in a strange land will certainly ease the pain a bit.