The new owner walked down the dock and as we came into view he threw up his arms and shouted “Selkie!” Two days of grueling travel hadn’t dampered his excitement for his new boat.

Before we parted ways he handed us a beautiful, hand sewn ditty bag that he’d made and then he broke out his mandolin and serenaded us down the dock with some fine bluegrass as we walked away towards our next adventure.

There was sadness leaving our girl behind. She was a fine traveling companion and protector who kept us dry and kept us off the bottom of the ocean for the last year of our lives. But the huge smile of Selkie’s new owner lifted our spirits, and he assured us he would love and care for her on their next journey, and we believe him. Selkie is in the good hands of an accomplished single hander who has dreams of a circumnavigation. She’s about to go see the world.

A few weeks later and we’re already dreaming about  the next boat and the next adventure. A small sailing dinghy on Flathead Lake? Chartering small boats in the Caribbean? Crewing for Bri and Rob when they buy their boat? We don’t know what will unfold, but we know that life is less complete when we are not floating on the water.

We’ve made it to Montana and are frantically visiting all the old faces that we haven’t seen in a year. Between beers and barbecues we’ll try and write a few posts on the road trip from Mexico, Wylie’s new adventure, and our preparation for Alaska.