*Our apologies to those email subscribers who received this post prematurely a few weeks ago*

Here’s a rogue’s gallery of some of the leggier, spinier, weirder and downright scarier critters that have crossed our paths in the last few months traversing the Baja peninsula.

Rattlesnakes: Two to date, both warned us of their presence when we were about five feet away.  We saw one early in the trip, as well as took video of the second.

Coachwhip Snakes: Three have crossed our path. They’re harmless but they make Katie scream just as bad as the rattlesnakes.

Tarantulas: We’ve seen dozens of these, to the point that we don’t get too excited any more when one crosses our path.


Scorpions: We saw two in our house in San Carlos, one of which Katie took a shower with. Only one out in the wild.

Tarantula Hawks: More fierce than tarantulas. These wasps actually wrestle tarantulas down, sting and paralyze them, and then lay their eggs in the zombified body for the larvae to feast on. Apparently they have one of the most painful stings in the entire insect world.

Ticks: We’ve only seen two so far…


And here’s some other weird critters that we’ve been fortunate enough to photograph: