Let me start this story by stating that I have long been a non believer. Superstition, witchcraft and other belief systems that are light on evidence and heavy on faith generally bring out the scientific skeptic in me. But two days ago, I felt the wrath of my first honest to goodness curse.

Our friends and fellow accursed travelers, Brianna and Rob, shed beautiful light on the events of the Curse of the Chinese Lantern that befell us, so I will tonight omit the details. But know that forthcoming are tales of a thief tracking manhunt, a militant gun toting Canadian, grand theft auto, our 2nd, 3rd and 4th trips to a Mexican police station, and a coincidence of Powerballian proportions. Perhaps we will end with a concise treatise on the grand themes of crime and justice in an impoverished land.

In the coming days, I will flesh out a few of the corners of this bizarre saga and try to make sense of the bad luck that became us…


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