We’ve had visitors this past month, and we were hoping to find things that would really impress them and prove our worth as maritime tour guides. We figured whale watching would bring in the big tips, so off we went to Todos Santos on the Pacific coast of Baja. We were hoping for a few sightings, maybe an occasional breach or tail slap off in the distance. What we got was quite different.

We took three separate trips, and each time we were treated to a show more incredible than the last.

We got to watch groups of gray whales travel up and down the coast for hours on end, and instead of glimpses off in the distance, we were treated to numerous whales playing in the surf, a mere 30 yards away. Wylie was as excited as we were to smell the blow in the wind and watch a 40 foot creature completely backlit through a breaking wave. They were close enough to see their eyeballs and individual barnacles on their backs.

It was a whale show like none of us had ever seen before.