And while the money hasn’t quite run out, we are nearing our savings threshold that will trigger our return to the working world. When we hatched this crazy plan about two years ago, we estimated that we’d be able to stay down here until about April 2013, and the budget has held true. It looks like we’re going to hit the nail square on the head, maybe even with a few pesos to spare.

We’re now in La Paz, tied to a dock, and instead of hiking the desert, spearfishing, and bird watching, we’re glued to the computer screen looking for jobs. We’ve got a couple of great leads right now, but if anyone is looking to hire deckhands, naturalists, GIS/database experts, hydrologists, shoe retrievers, marine biologists, dog models, divers, botanists, lizard hunting guides, or writers, please send us an email.

We’ll keep everyone posted on the job hunt, but in the meantime we’ll keep trickling out a few of our backlogged posts so you can visualize beautiful desert islands instead of our trips to the grocery store. And I have a feeling that we’ve got a few adventures up our sleeve that are yet to come.