It took exactly three months and four days to do it, but we finally hit the century mark. The Varied Bunting, tucked in tight among the mesquite that overhung the little freshwater spring, flitted about and gave us just enough time to get a good look.


Bahia Agua Verde was good to us, we saw three new species here, the aforementioned bunting, a Wilson’s Warbler and a flock of White-throated Swifts. We have 151 left and about three months to go, so the hunt continues.


The people of Agua Verde were also very good to us. We talked to the 81 year old man who had lived there all his life and got to hear of all the changes he’d witnessed. We also found block ice, fresh goat cheese (from goats that we watched grazing the hillsides each night), and some beautiful avocados. If you read the last post about our time in Puerto Escondido, you’ll know that the service we found in Agua Verde from the pangueros and the campesinos was a thousand times better than what we got from the high dollar government run marina.