We just hit a milestone on our little website here at Controlled Jibe: We had over 1000 hits yesterday alone. That equals an astonishing 0.000018% of the internet using population has visited us (seriously, there’s a website that tracks that). We have been amazed at how many people have found the site and even more surprised at how many came back after so much low brow humor, vulgar language, and disheveled and bedraggled imagery of a couple of vagabond sailors. Not to mention all the out of place semicolons and dangling participles that slipped by the editor. I guess it says something about our audience, eh?

Well, it’s time to expose yourselves. No, no, no, not your dangling participles, your stories. Who are you? What brought you here and what do you like about the website. As this chapter of the sailing journey nears a close, we realize that our genre will quickly change from “Sailing Blog” to “Two people going off to their day jobs Blog.” However, we’d like to keep writing, because we plan on continuing this grand adventure of life in a somewhat non-traditional fashion, and we’d love to know who our current audience is and what you like about the blog.

Is it the salty sailing advice? I hope not, because we don’t really know what the hell we’re doing. Is it the dazzling photography of far away places as the snow accumulates out your office window? We’re assuming that it’s Wylie, with his rugged good looks and rakish antics he’s a veritable Huck Finn aboard this little Pearson Triton raft. He’s handsome as the devil and he knows he can get away with murder!

In short, you know all about us; you know about our diet, our budget, our taste in swimsuits, and more than you probably should about our toilet. If you wouldn’t mind dropping us a comment in the box below and telling us who you are and what you want to see in the next iteration of the blog, we’d sure appreciate it!