We’re out in the wilderness for weeks if not months at a time, so by the time we cross a town or marina, we usually take the opportunity to top off the water, diesel and groceries. Some places are easier to do this than others.


Our most recent pit stop was at Puerto Escondido, which is actually about 15 miles away from the town of Loreto, and it actually proved to be one of the easier places to top off. We often have to hitchhike in and out of towns, with a dog and armfulls of groceries. We do have a dolly that helps us carry our diesel and water tanks, but the handle is about four inches too short so we end up hunchbacked and crippled by the end of a mile-long schlepp through the gravel and sand.

Once we get back to water’s edge, we then have to fill up Bojangles with all our goods and hope we don’t capsize with our inch and a half of freeboard. If seas are calm it’s no problem. If we have two foot waves and 20 knots of wind like we did this week, it gets a little dicey.

Provisioning is one of the main challenges in this lifestyle, especially in the Sea of Cortez when grocery stores are a hundred miles away and months apart. I’ll never again curse at the madness of a Costco parking lot.