We’ve been reading a lot of books out here. So many in fact that we were running out of material early on in the voyage. Thankfully, book exchanges can be found at virtually every stop along the way. These are great, especially for a renowned book hoarder such as myself. For as much as I tend to hoard books, I cringe at the thought of bulky paperbacks cluttering our already meager storage and raising our waterline. Living on a boat is a great way to get in the spirit of giving.

Even better though, is the limited selection of books that can be found at these establishments. It forces you to read new things that you would normally pass right by in a well stocked book store or library back home. Gerald Durrell, a name I’d never heard and so passed right by in the Santa Rosalia lending library, has now become one of my favorite authors. Katie grabbed one of his books on a whim, and neither of us could put it down, it had us laughing out loud.

Now, in addition to diesel, water and groceries at each provisioning stop, we also have to look for book exchanges so we can dispose of five or six books and get six or seven more. Hey, I didn’t say I was going to stop the hoarding cold turkey.