Obsidian flakes strewn everywhere, I had my eyes glued to the ground hoping to find that once in a lifetime spearhead. And then Katie yells “what the hell is that!” I prepare to panic, spinning a circle, and now with my eyes even more firmly fixed to the ground, ready to see a huge rattlesnake at any moment. Always late to the party, I finally realize she’s looking uphill, where Wylie is quickly gaining ground on a big lanky bobcat cutting across the arroyo.

It’s a short chase though, Wylie’s a fast dog and he has closed to within ten feet in the blink of an eye. The bobcat senses that flight is futile and decides instead to turn and fight like the ferocious predator that he is. It’s about this time that Wylie, eyeball to eyeball with a high hackled, pissed off and hissin’ desert cat, realizes that this is in fact not Sampson, our adorable and loving house cat back home. He promptly apologized for any inconvenience, tucked his tail up to about his breastbone, and came running on back to Katie and I.


I’m getting a bit weary of repeating this line, but: hopefully this time he’s learned his lesson.