For readers new to the website, this is not a picture of the homeless man that we keep taking on day sails around the sea.  Nor have we been shipwrecked and living off of dead lizards and tideline detritus for the past three months. No, this is how we really look most of the time.


Shaving, while never a high priority for me even back home, has fallen even further down the list of things I feel I must do to fit more neatly into the fabric of society. And shampooing, at least on a regular basis, seems like a waste of time, and an even greater waste of precious shampoo. I feel that if I swim in the sea every day, both body and soul are cleansed, all in one fell swoop.

Fortunately for me, Katie takes a bit more of a traditional approach to personal hygiene, but saltwater for both of us plays a major role. We don’t have the luxury of ample fresh water, so our shaving, shampooing and general cleanup all take place in the gently lapping waves of the salty ocean. Razors don’t last too long and our hair is rarely silky smooth, but we’ve yet to be turned down at any of the fine establishments that Baja has to offer.

In reality, we actually feel as clean and fresh as we ever have, swimming often, soaking up the sun on shirtless skin, and living in the wind keeps us feeling good. Alternatively, maybe we smell horrible, and the polite people of Mexico have simply hurried us out of their restaurants before we run off the respectable customers. Hard to say.