The new year came and went out here on Selkie, and while we didn’t take the festivities too seriously, we did think long and hard about our resolutions. This entire trip was an opportunity for introspection, new ideas and new directions, and the new year was a perfect time to set a few of those things in stone.

*  We have seen so much plastic trash, especially bottles, on the beaches here and we know that plastics in the big oceans are a huge problem, so we have both vowed to reduce our plastic use as much as we can. It will be hard in the world we live in, but we will try to make the little changes where we can.


*  These last few months aboard have made for a very active lifestyle, and we’ve both promised to continue to exercise more regularly when we get back home. Katie is going to continue running and doing yoga, and we’re both going to hike through the woods and paddle the rivers even more than we used to.

*  I’m going to become a better cook. Not that I’m a slouch right now, but I want to learn more of both the science and the art. I got to the point in the last few years where cooking a special meal only happened on occasion, and I want every meal to be savored. Life is too short.

*  Wylie asked us to write his resolution as well: He vows to start looking for a job so that he can start paying for his 1/3 of the mortgage. He’s beginning to feel like a freeloader, and he wants us to be able to continue this adventuring lifestyle, even if it means entering the workforce like everybody else.  We couldn’t agree more.  He’s likely to find a job before we will this spring!

*  But most importantly, we want to carry with us the ultimate lesson we’ve learned from this trip. We jumped ship, the metaphorical one that is, and followed our dream and did something crazy with the faith that we would figure things out along the way. We have both resolved to continue living life this way, we won’t let fear or discomfort or the lack of routine scare us away from experiencing life to the fullest.