Our good friend Kelley just visited us and after her trip ended she had a layover day in Los Angeles, not the Bay of LA that we love so well, but the big City of Angeles. She relayed to us how terrible that day was, surrounded by the audacity of wealth and the people that could converse of nothing but money. This obviously drew stark contrast to her previous week aboard Selkie in Bahia Concepcion. We commented how awful it must be to think of nothing but money all the day long.

We paused and realized that we ourselves had been spending a lot of time recently talking of money. We’ve been discussing our next jobs; will they be seasonal and vagabond, or full time and more lucrative? We’ve been discussing what to do with Selkie after this year. We’ve been talking about investing in property and saving for downpayments. No one is immune I suppose.

However, the theme in our talks is how we can extract more life and excitement and adventure and beauty from these few fragile moments that we have here. And we know we need a little coin to make that happen. It’s a long debate on how we can work fulfilling jobs some of the time, eat good food, see the world, swim and fish and hunt and yet still leave the world a better place. Oh yeah, and also have health insurance and a sock of money in an IRA for when we get too old to ramble.

We don’t yet know the answer. We’ll report back when we get it all figured out.

P.S. Anybody have a line on a high paying seasonal gig for a couple of trained biology geeks with GIS skills? Hell, we’d do just about anything to get down here again.