As you may remember, our time in the northern Sea of Cortez was spent mostly yelling to each other “Holy crap, look at all those fish” or “Holy crap, did you see the size of that fish.” It was the aquarium that Coustaeu remembered. As we’ve made our way south (currently in Bahia Concepcion) we’ve seen progressively fewer fish. This includes schools of baitfish in the shallows and in the depths, and also reef fish and oscar fish during snorkel monitoring sessions.

A few folks have said that they’ve seen drastic reductions just in the past few years and they’ve blamed it on the net fishing and shrimp trawlers. However, we also know that these are the easy targets for uneducated guesses.
Does anybody have any information on trends in the sea that might explain this geographical difference?

Ed. note: our uneducated guess is that netting and shrimp trawling are devastating practices that are probably causing the decline in fisheries in the sea, but there appeared to be just as much netting and trawling in the north…