We slacked last month and didn’t get our budget out as promised.  Perhaps we’re sliding into manana time down here in Mexico?  This post will therefore give the rundown for both our October and November expenses.

Click here to see our Budget page with previous months’ breakdowns.


October and November Monthly Expenses
Oct 2012 Nov 2012  Monthly Averages (since July 2012)  Notes 
Food & Alcohol
Alcohol $35 $65 $76  We’re loving the tequilla
Bar $38 $15 $53  It’s getting hard to find a cold beer on the sea!
Groceries $566 $305 $394  Luckily fresh fish plays a central role here
Dining Out $81 $47 $53  We’re surveying the fish taco stands when we can
Water $4 $5 $5  Nope, can’t drink the free stuff
Boat Related
Consumables $0 $59 $69  Paint, wd-40, etc
Engine Fuel $47 $54 $23  Hopefully it’s all downwind from here
Cook Fuel $17 $0 $5  Propane and charcoal
Everything Else
Marina $27 $81 $54  Luxury is tied to a dock after a long passage
Clothing $10 $0 $17  We keep going through the sunglasses…
Internet $19 $12 $26  Lots of internet cafes
Sporting Goods $56 $0 $37  Just hooks and feathers from here on out
Misc $74 $8 $54  The odds and ends
Totals $1,063 $651 $1,145 We’re still hoping to keep our monthly cruising budget to under $600, we’re getting close.

After spending more than expected on the refit, we’re still a bit behind on the overall budget, but overall it’s looking good. In October we had friends in town, so we treated ourselves a bit more, and in November we bought two new batteries, which wiped out the maintenance budget. We also stayed tied to a dock (albeit a rickety $13 a day dock) in Santa Rosalia for a week, but it allowed us to really see that bizarre little mining town, and do a big reprovisioning with ease.

It is looking like we can eat and drink for a month, including Wylie, for around $400. That’s like one trip to Costco back home. Our diesel usage is pretty meager as well at around $50 a month. That’s less than a tank of gas that might last us a week back home.
We’re going to continue to shave where we can, without sacrificing our diet or our occasional happy hour libations. We’re not here to live like total ascetics after all.