Last week, we took our second trip into the confines of Nacapule Canyon, one of Sonora’s finest natural wonders. It’s a high walled canyon with dry arroyo in the bottom, but running water towards the top, which is a very rare thing indeed in the Sonoran desert.

Our first trip up the canyon, during a big July thunderstorm, we came across a large pool of water under a roaring waterfall. We climbed the rope ladder and got to peer up up into a series of water carved plunge pools that extended farther than the eye could see. Giant fig trees (Nacapule means fig tree in Spanish) and date palms lined bottom of the canyon, creating a cool, wet refuge for animal and human traveler alike.

Thousands of caves in the cliff walls provided what had to be great habitat for coatimundi, bobcat, ocelot, mountain lion and the like. A long, multi day backpack into the upper recesses still beckons. It looks like beautiful and wild country.

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