These were the words uttered by Chris and Margie, our good friends on S/V Storm Bay, the morning that our standing rigging finally arrived in San Carlos. For those of you who haven’t been counting, we placed the order for our wire rope and Sta Lok terminals over a month ago.  Our first courier came down with West Nile Virus and viral meningitis, our second courier had to bail due to family emergency, and our third courier was the guitarist for Alice Cooper, a member of the hallowed halls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

It was the third courier that came through in the end. A box, a beautiful cardboard box full of steel and polyester awaited us Friday morning on the decks of Storm Bay. We were like children on Christmas morning, reticent to believe in a dream so grand, yet giddy with hope that it could be true: we had successfully ordered a product and saw it arrive at our residence in Mexico. This is no mean feat.

This is life in Mexico. In the States we took for granted that we could get online, choose a product, click a few buttons, and be guaranteed that within 5 days said product would be waiting at our doorstep. For those of you still in the States, please, please, savor this. And write us letters describing how convenient it is so that we may live vicariously through you.

We’re now off and running, with half the standing rigging installed so far, and hopefully we’ll have it completed by Wednesday.  We’ll take lots of photos and follow up with a detailed how-to post.