We did a lot better this month, mostly by avoiding the restaurants and bars.  Boat refit costs went down as well, which will hopefully be an ongoing trend.

We moved out to the boat today as well, so October will be the real test.  We’ll still be hanging around San Carlos, which is very tourist driven and high priced, for half the month, but after that it’s remote anchorages and deserted coastlines for us. No more caviar and lobster, unless we catch it ourselves, of course.


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September Monthly Expenses
Sept 2012 Monthly Averages  Total (since July 2012)  Notes 
Food & Alcohol
Alcohol $77 $93 $279  Beer’s cheap, but not that cheap
Bar $6 $18 $53  We try to avoid the bars at all cost
Groceries $366 $366 $1098  Less milk and meat, more beans and rice from here on
Dining Out $22 $46 $139  We cook better at home anyway
Water $2 $5 $16  Nope, can’t drink the free stuff
Boat Related
Consumables $96 $96 $264  Paint, wd-40, etc
Engine Fuel $0 $5 $15  We ditched the outboard, so we should save here
Cook Fuel $0 $3 $8  Propane and charcoal
Everything Else
Rent/Marina $539 $450 $1499 This is the last time!
Clothing $0 $23 $75 We’re pretty well outfitted now
Internet $38 $32 $97  Ask us what we think of TelCel…
Sporting Goods $0 $43 $130 Just hooks and feathers from here on out
Gas (Auto) $42 $43 $129  One more tank and we’re done
Misc $38 $63 $188  This was Wylie’s toad experience
Totals $1,113 $1,227 $2,455 good news-we budgeted 2k/month


One Time Expenses (we hope)
 Sept 2012  Total   Notes 
Boat Purchase & Refit Costs
Boat Purchase $7500 $7500 Selkie’s worth it!
Hardware $431 $1,758 Lot’s of nuts and bolts
Dinghy & Outboard $19  $186 Rowing and sailing don’t cost a thing
Chainplates $615 Stainless ain’t cheap down here
Consumables $125 $653 Lots of spare fuel and oil filters…
Services $2,925 Nada – all on our own this month
Standing Rigging $1,240 Everything’s bought and paid for now
Galley $16 $24  Pots, pans and misc.
Everything Else
Temporary Import Permit $65  Mexican import permit for Selkie
Health Insurance (due annually) $1200  Hopefully, money down the drain
 Totals  $591 $16,255