Money, money, mon-eyyy!  Everyone wonders how much it really costs to go cruising.  We know, because we wondered ourselves, and we found it difficult to come up with an accurate estimate while planning our voyage.  Although there are a handful of folks out there who post their expenses, not everyone enjoys such public scrutiny of their financials.

Since we ourselves had hoped for more real time, Mexico specific data, we decided early on that we would make our expenditures public when the time came.  Gulp.  (Luckily beer and tequila are cheap down here or this could get downright embarrassing!)  So here’s how we spend our hard-earned savings:

We’ve split the spreadsheets into two categories: Ongoing Monthly Expenses, and One Time Costs.  These first few months have been very expensive, but most of the big expenses are behind us (please, God, let this be true). We now know where to shop for the cheap groceries, where not to eat dinner, etc, and soon we’ll be off to sea where you can’t spend money.  Things should start looking up.

Frankly speaking, the cost of cruising should not be cheap as one of the most important issue here is safety. If you check out and try Merritt Supply website, you will see how much stuff is necessary to keep a ship in good condition.

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Note – This will be a permanent page on the website labeled “Budget” under the heading “About Us”.  We’ll do our best to update this page around the first of the month, hopefully accompanied by a post with more detail of how we spent our pesos.

Monthly Expenses
 July 2012  August 2012 Monthly Averages  Total   Notes 
Food & Alcohol
Alcohol $125 $77 $101 $202  beer’s cheap, but not that cheap
Bar $37 $10 $23 $46  we try to avoid the bars at all cost
Groceries $379 $356 $367 $735  we’re getting more savvy
Dining Out $67 $51 $59 $118  we cook better at home anyway
Water $11 $2 $7 $13  nope, can’t drink the free stuff
Boat Related
Consumables $127 $137 $132 $264  paint, wd-40, etc
Engine Fuel $0 $15 $8 $15  small motors can be a good thing
Cook Fuel $0 $8 $4 $8  propane and charcoal
Everything Else
Rent/Marina $350 $400 $438 $877  this should soon be zero!
Clothing $62 $13 $38 $75  lots to choose from at Tianguis
Internet $20 $38 $29 $58  pay by the megabyte sucks
Sporting Goods $130 $0 $65 $130  fishing and snorkeling gear
Gas (Auto) $42 $44 $43 $87  this too, will soon be zero
Misc $25 $89 $57 $114  your guess is as good as mine
Totals $1,248 $1,080 $1,227 $2,455 good news-we budgeted 2k/month
One Time Expenses (we hope)
 July 2012  August 2012 Monthly Averages  Total   Notes 
Boat Purchase & Refit Costs
Boat Purchase $7500  —  — $7500 Selkie’s worth it!
Hardware $1,158 $169 $1,328 lot’s of nuts and bolts
Dinghy & Outboard  $170  —  $170 cheap for our lifeline to land
Chainplates $615 $615 stainless ain’t cheap down here
Consumables $391 $137  — $528 lots of spare fuel and oil filters…
Services $1,562 $1,364 $2,925 blister and bottom paint work
Standing Rigging $1,240 $1,240  pretty important piece of Selkie
Galley $8 $8  pots, pans and misc.
Everything Else
Temporary Import Permit $65 $65  mexican import permit for Selkie
Health Insurance (due annually) $1200 $1200  hopefully, money down the drain
 Totals  $11,291  $3,087  — $15,579  bad news-we budgeted 11k