The smoke of pork fat and adobado dripping on mesquite coals greets us as we enter the market place of Empalme. The ice mongers yell over the roar of the cutters that turn block into cubes, and beneath that, the chatter of barter consumes all else. Tianguis is what they call these open air markets, and here you can find anything that your heart desires: ribs, cheese, lard still liquid from rendering, bootlegged DVDs, clothes from the Goodwill in Tucson, hand tools, electronics, the best tacos we’ve found in Mexico yet…the list goes on. It’s like a big neighborhood garage sale that also sells bacon. Those that know us personally will understand that we are very happy campers indeed right now.

Much to Mark’s embarrassment, Katie has been snapping photos of all the vendors, who have actually been very pleased to have their picture taken.  (Mark did at least get to wrap his arms around the “prettiest girl in Empalme”…her words, not ours.)

Here are some more photos by popular request:

* Other candid shots from the market are shown below (email followers click here to see them)
* We’ve had a few wonderful days sailing aboard a friend’s boat in San Carlos.  Last week’s photos here.  Yesterday’s photos here. (‘Friend’ us on Facebook to get auto updates)

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