You may have sensed a bit of resentment in the last post we wrote describing our relationship with our engine. We were just going through a little rocky patch, and everything is fine now. There is no need to worry or get upset, we’ve sorted out some differences and while things aren’t perfect between us, we’re both willing to try to make this thing work. For the sake of the child (Wylie).

After seven grueling days of bleeding (both blood from our hands and air from the fuel lines), cursing, sweating and a little bit of crying, we finally got our engine to fire! Katie let out a victory cry as beautiful diesel smoke poured out of the transom, and Selkie trembled furiously with the power of ten horses that roared from deep within her bosom. I simply stood, and I saluted to the great Gods of OPEC, and then I wept, for I knew that I would not have to bleed the fuel lines for at least another three months.


And so Beulah was reborn. We’ve named her this out of great respect, an image of a strong woman, hard working, perhaps in overalls and with oil staining the creases in her hands. A Rosie the Riveter type of days gone by. Her beauty resides in her diligence, her love of work, and her singing, if not her outward appearance. She is not young, nor does she pretend or wish to be, but she is strong. And so we love her.