This post is long overdue.  Exactly 2 weeks overdue to be precise.  We have some news:  we’ve fallen in love…all over again.  No, this is not some far-flung “Sleepless in Seattle” romance story of rekindling love, rather a steamy “Top Gun” fast and furious saga.  The object of our affection (yes, ‘menage a trois’ may be apt) is none other than our beautiful 28′ Pearson Triton sailboat, Selkie.

Let us tell you about our dream boat (pun intended).  She’s a lady who’s been well loved before.  And we love this about her.  Now we know, this is something that one does not often boast about in terms of their new love, but believe us, in a boat, this is a very good thing.  Her teak surfaces are gleaming, her layout thoughtfully planned, and she gleams with the class and grace of a forgotten age.  Put in another way, they just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Yes, there are projects to be done, a long list of tasks to be accomplished before we set sail, but that is the story of a boat…especially a 50 year old classic.  We are loving the learning process of getting to know our new gal, of getting her ship shape and of course, falling in love all over again.

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